Customer satisfaction is essential for business success. Satisfied customers are loyal and more willing to recommend to others. It’s well known that it’s more favorable to keep a satisfied existing customer than to win new ones. Accordingly, customer satisfaction ultimately influences central factors like revenue and profit.

Hence, it’s worth measuring customer satisfaction, and to monitor and understand how it’s influenced. konkret is happy to support you with this.

We employ a flexible method repertoire. Using feature-driven surveys, we measure your customer’s satisfaction and observe its development at different time intervals. Our penalty-reward analysis and importance-performance analysis allow specific identification of strengths and weaknesses. Thus, we offer concrete identification of needs for action and savings potential.
Additionally, event based approaches – such as critical incident technique and the analysis of moments of truth in which customer satisfaction develops – enrich the results.

Satisfaction research by konkret helps you to answer questions like:

  • How satisfied are your customers?
  • What influences customer satisfaction? How can it be increased?
  • What do customers expect? How can they be inspired?
  • Where are strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where are action needed and what actions are required?