As you know, a large part of newly introduced products are a flop and disappear again quickly from the market. The reasons for this might be diverse, but one thing is clear: In the end it’s the product as such that has to convince the consumers. If it lacks attractivity, people won’t buy it. If problems arise during product usage, it’s not only very unlikely that people will buy again, but also that products have to reckon with defamation in the worst case. Hence it’s sensible to keep an eye on consumers’ expectations already during product conceptualization and development. Furthermore, to establish a successful product on the market, it is appropriate to evaluate carefully how products perform under real conditions.

konkret will be happy to support you in all phases of product introduction. We rely on creativity workshops to include potential customers into product development already at an early stage. In subsequent phases we use concept tests and usability tests to examine the success potential of new product developments.

Within individualized home use tests we’ll investigate how products prove themselves in consumers‘ everyday life, how and in which way products could be improved wisely, as well as a product’s market opportunities.