Employees are a crucial resource for companies. For companies that’s surely not a new insight yet it gains new recognition in the light of recent developments of increasing competitive pressure and declining product life cycle which necessitate constant innovation. As a consequence, securing employee qualification and motivation as well as tying such qualified and motivated employees to your company have become increasingly important today. Thus, keeping an eye on employee satisfaction is crucial. konkret supports you here. We support you with the design and implementation of employee surveys and the analyses of results.

We support you finding answers to questions like:

  • How satisfied are your employees? How risky is fluctuation?
  • What kind of (dis-)satisfaction is there? Are your employees really satisfied or have they merely resigned?
  • How is (dis-)satisfaction influenced? What motivates your employees and what do they take for granted?

Particularly in employee surveys trust is of crucial importance. Therefore we guarantee strict confidentiality and controlled data storage to guarantee the anonymity of your survey.