Advertisement and other communication activities are only successful if companies succeed in promoting brands and strengthening brand relationships. Often the comparably high expenses of advertisement campaigns face unpredictable performance effects. Here our communication research helps. Already in the conceptualization phase (i.e., before the start of the campaign) we support you in evaluating alternative advertising materials and optimizing communication measures (pre-test). We rely on a flexible method portfolio that ranges from copy-tests over online surveys with integrated image ratings to equipment-based procedures (online tachistoscope, eye tracking). After the launch we also offer options to monitor the performance of your communication measures (post-test). With the help of tracking-surveys we measure the scope of your measures and observe the effects of specific campaigns or individual advertisement measures.

Our communication research provides answers to questions like:

  • Do your advertisement materials create the necessary attention? Do they succeed in being perceived – despite general sensory overload?
  • Who does the campaign reach?
  • Which messages do your advertisement measures convey?
  • • To what extent does your advertisement influence brand image and buying intention?