Brands are promises. They form ideas of an offer and thus determine consumers‘ expectations. The more attractive this promise is, the more likely it is that the brand becomes a „name, that really makes a difference“ by influencing buying behavior.
Our brand research supports you in optimizing your brands and positioning them optimally within the competition. With the help of qualitative and quantitative methods we analyze what consumers really associate with your brand and evaluate where your brand is positioned compared to the competition.

By means of in-depth interviews and group discussions we go right to the heart of brand images. Using statistical analyses we provide reliable information about your brand’s position in the market and image attributes which finally are decisive for its success.

  • How do consumers perceive your brand(s)? What’s the essence of your brand image?
  • What’s your brands’ position on the market? How differentiated are they? Which competitors hold similar market positions?
  • Which are the success factors of your brand image?