Dear interested party, dear interested party,

like everyone else, the COVID-19 virus affects us in our working and everyday lives.

However, in order to continue to deliver "konkret"e results without exposing you to the dangers of the virus, we have thought about some measures and steps we can take to make the best out of the situation together.

Please find below information material on our various measures, either from your perspective as a customer or from the perspective of an interested interviewer or participant.

Even if perhaps not everything is fine at the moment caused through the situtation, we are looking forward to what is still to come in the future.

Your konkret-team

Here you will find our information on general fieldwork:
Information to our fieldwork in times of Corona overall

In addition, you will find below our alternatives to F2F interviews:
Alternatives to F2F-fieldwork

You may also should have a look to our Co-Browsing-Solution:
Interview via Co-Browsing

Here are our measurements for CLTs:
CLT measurements
Here you will find our information for interviewers and participants in general:
Information for interviewers and participants in general