konkret Marktforschung is founded through the merger of the company IMM – Innovative Markt- und Meinungsforschung Bremen and IMF – Institut für Marktanalyse und Feldorganisation. Initially, the main focus was on recruiting and conducting interviews for other institutes. For the first time in Bremen studio tests could be conducted in konkret’s facilities. Additionally, the foundations for the nationwide interviewer pool were laid in this year. The main focus is in the area of pharmaceutical market research.

Through consequently expanding the nationwide interviewer pool, more than 1,000 interviewers were now available.

Due to many successful field projects more and more clients approach konkret and request additional consulting in the full service area.

As one of the first market research institutes konkret faced the topic “online surveys“. At this point in time such internet activities are viewed suspiciously in the market research community. Not being misled by this, konkret develops one of the first questionnaire software with the “onquest” predecessor. Additionally, the full service area is established.

Through further development of onquest the foundations of the online panel are laid. Here the participants receive monetary compensation for their survey participation.

By now the field has reached the size of 3,000 interviewers. The online panel is also growing continuously and lists 18,000 participants. In the meantime, konkret’s activity is grounded on three pillars: Field, full service, and online market research.

The survey tool onquest is developed further and now also available for customers. Based on many years of experience konkret’s employees provide clients with competent support in planning and organizing online projects. Also, full service area “employee surveys“ succeeds at winning a worldwide operating company.

konkret’s method portfolio is expanded especially in the area of qualitative market research. konkret supports the vocational training program for apprentices in market and social research and employs the first trainee.

The online panel reaches a size of 30,000 participants.

In addition to the national market the international market gains in importance. After 10 years of full service experience we can please many regional and trans-regional clients for our work.

konkret joins its forces in Bremen. From there all national and international studies are managed.

Clients wish for an increasing differentiation of their target groups. konkret aims at expanding its panels from now on and offers as first market research institute regional panels which allow a targeted address, particularly for regional research questions.